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Unlocking Startups

Time to open the gate, and let our innovative tech startups be free to grab this huge global opportunity.

Lots of good news and optimism in the last six months. Even some great talent focusing on this global opportunity around tech startups with global products.

But the reality is the local ecosystem is still moving slower than our global peers in capturing one of the largest prizes for our economy – Tech Startups – by facilitating their success.

Here are some big picture items for the new federal government and Continue reading “Unlocking Startups”

Why did we create The Start Society?

StartSoc helps entrepreneurs help themselves While other parties in the ecosystem are important such as investors and educators, it is the entrepreneurs, the hackers, hipsters and hustlers (also kn…

Source: Why did we create The Start Society?

Real startup ideas for government by real founders?

We have been asked to make some submissions this Friday to help the startup community. New government initiative to get startups going and growing.

Do you have an idea on how we can get government to level the playing field for tech startups? 

Drop us a line via the comments section on the Facebook link below and help us help build our industry. 

We need your comments within 48 hours and max two paragraphs. Links are ok too.

Peer Learning with Shoulders not Precincts

Opinion Piece by StartSoc Founder Pete Cooper

‘The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who can not learn, unlearn and relearn.’ – Alvin Tofler.

Humans learn and create value for themselves and society in weirdly diverse ways.

Learning usually doesn’t actually require lots of money. It is more about passion, a natural approach and of course repeating or scaling once we find stuff that works.

As more of the world’s educational resources are found online free the focus is more about effective learning.
Continue reading “Peer Learning with Shoulders not Precincts”

Blue Sky Invests $25m into Vinomofo the tech wine startup

Congratulations to Vinomofo for securing a $25m investment from Blue Sky Funds this week.

Read the full story in ZDNet.

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Mega New Melbourne Coworking Space

A massive new co-working space is coming to Melbourne called Dream Factory, the tech startup space is being setup in Footscray by Geoff Gourley’s Impact Investment Group with a rumoured $14m investment.

Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument

Legends of Innovation

For the first in our new series of posts on legends of innovation we cover the Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument) company from Sydney Australia made famous around the world by fellow legends like Stevie Wonder.

This new series is focused on global scale tech startups that were ahead of their time and often created by just one or two individuals from their garage.

My Fav Aussie Tech Startup: Fairlight Computer

This guest post is by Brent Clark from WattBlock.

In 1975, an Australian tech startup was created in a garage in Potts Point by Peter Vogel, an electronics enthusiast and Kim Ryrie, an fan of analogue synthesizers being used in Rock bands of the time.

Each day, they would see the Fairlight ferry running up Sydney harbour to Circular Quay and back to Manly. So they named the company “Fairlight”.

Their goal was to take analogue music recording studios into the digital age. They created the world’s first digital music studio, which they called a “Computer Music Instrument” or CMI.

Continue reading “Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument”

Advance Awards call for nominations 2016

Do you know someone in our community that is making a difference?

Nominate them for an Advance Award in 2016 nominations close late April. Continue reading “Advance Awards call for nominations 2016”

Fed Govt Consult on $8m into Incubators for #IdeasBoom

Get in quick for this mid-March 2016 national roadshow if you would like to hear about incubator funding from the department of industry, innovation and science and of course also have your say… full invitation here…

Continue reading “Fed Govt Consult on $8m into Incubators for #IdeasBoom”

Fav Tech Startup Slides of Early 2016

Fav Tech Startup Slides of early 2016 by Pete Cooper


Option Two for #iC2 is 70 Phillip St

Great fit out ready to go and even better location.

Walking distance to Martin Place, Wynyard and Circular Quay. Moments from Stone & Chalk Fintech hub and counting most of Sydney’s movers and shakers as neighbours this is an excellent second option for us to start negotiations with next week. Let us know your thoughts!

     Continue reading “Option Two for #iC2 is 70 Phillip St”

The Great Divide – Rich get fat tax benefits others are denied?

For a country that prides itself on fairness the proposed tax benefits for investors in startups are surprisingly unfair.

Unless you are a professional investor with $2.5m in assets or more you can’t qualify for these new tax reductions for innovation investments [introduced to Australian parliament March 18, 2017] .

The operative words here are obviously ‘high risk’. Sure tech startup investing is risky, but so is a lemonade stall with 50c drinks.

But risk diversification is precisely why we need more people to invest to share the risk more widely. And of course simple fairness.

Continue reading “The Great Divide – Rich get fat tax benefits others are denied?”

Why did we create The Start Society?

StartSoc helps entrepreneurs help themselves

While other parties in the ecosystem are important such as investors and educators, it is the entrepreneurs, the hackers, hipsters and hustlers (also known as the developers, designers and business executors) that are the heart of the ecosystem.

Our focus is tech startups & ecosystem enablers

We support all parties in the ecosystem starting with tech entrepreneurs but it is important to recognise there are many parties on the edge of our industry that talk the talk but ultimately dilute or even compete (e.g. for talent, funding or resources) directly with our entrepreneurs and their ecosystem.  They depend on entrepreneurs so we support them first and foremost.

Continue reading “Why did we create The Start Society?”

New Proposed StartSoc Space #iC2 at 320 Pitt St Sydney 2000

We are still negotiating but what do you think?  We’d love your feedback.

We probably can’t afford it but we are giving it a shot. Any corporate sponsors out there want some innovation?

Check those awesome views. Lots of meeting rooms and team rooms.

Huge desks and a special bonus room for interns or casuals on the end of many workstations.

Great kitchen and break out room plus conference room for 150-200 people. All have excellent harbour views.
New computer optimised lifts and recent fit out. Awesome huh?

What do you think of #iC2 ?

    Continue reading “New Proposed StartSoc Space #iC2 at 320 Pitt St Sydney 2000”

Scaling Lean – New Book by Ash Maurya

We Don’t Plug Books but This One Is Different

We don’t normally plug new books but this one is a global handbook for tech startups trying to scale.

It is by a serial entrepreneur and more importantly someone that is taking thinking forward in our industry in a practical way.

You can pre-order for $25 here and get a bunch of other benefits or read on for the types of help it will give you with an explanation directly from the author Ash Maurya. Continue reading “Scaling Lean – New Book by Ash Maurya”

Furniture For Startups – Fire Sale

StartSoc is closing our iCentralCo coworking space at 234 Sussex due to the building being bulldozed and redeveloped by our landlord.

All our other products (current and work-in-progress) will continue as usual but we need to sell all the furniture – so make an offer HERE – ASAP and we are giving extra special deals to tech startups!

Hundreds of office chairs, desks, benches, under desk pedestal drawer units, free standing steel cabinets, stools, appliances, books, cables, lounges and more.

Three World Class Speakers in One Week – FEB 2016

This week is our best ever. Three world class Australians leading their fields.

Feb 2: Ric Richardson Inventor & Mentor with many many patents and successes

Feb 3: Jo Burston Inspiring Leader & Serial Entrepreneur with a string of businesses

Feb 10: Dain Hedgepeth Gamer & Skater App Founder with 30m Sessions and counting

Grab your tickets above.

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Jo Burston Famous Entrepreneur at StartSoc

Inspirational Australian entrepreneur and community leader Jo Burston is coming to speak at The Start Society this week.

Jo Burston is a rare and remarkable women by any measure. I have lost count of how many businesses Jo has created but think it is about eight (at least). Her most recent success is the global movement for women entrepreneurs including books, events and education called RAREBIRDS and her success spans a broad range of fields.

Jo is also probably one of the best connected entrepreneurs anywhere. Continue reading “Jo Burston Famous Entrepreneur at StartSoc”

Ric Richardson Inventor at StartSoc

World famous Australian inventor, serial innovator and holder of many many patents, it is hard to find the right words to describe Ric Richardson.

Some people call Ric Richardson the $300m man after his successful lawsuit against a multinational for using his Uniloc software license security intellectual property.

Other people call Ric a mentor for his work helping inventors and tech entrepreneurs to improve their chances of competing globally. Continue reading “Ric Richardson Inventor at StartSoc”

Skate App Founder At StartSoc

Wow this is a RARE opportunity to meet and talk to a home grown global success story.

The Start Society is pleased to announce our first major gaming vertical speaker of the year.

A one of kind software developer with over 50 million sessions clocked up and that is just on his most recent game.

DAIN HEDGEPETH is the Australian founder of the world famous SKATER APP will be speaking in the Ask Me Anything Format about building Frosch Media and all the hard work that went into becoming a global tech startup success story. Continue reading “Skate App Founder At StartSoc”

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