StartSoc Membership Benefits

So Much More Than Coworking

Peer Learning+ Space + Deals + Tools + Community + Events + Resources = Global Product Innovation

The Start Society provides a lot more than just office space, we are helping to build a new nation one tech startup at a time.

  • Peer Learning
    Connect with other startups around micro communities of interest (such as the latest cloud technologies or growth hacking techniques), StartSoc is a curated community of tech startups that are aiming for a global product just like you.
  • Great  value curated coworking
    Flexible plans to access city and local locations for convenience close to customers and your teams. Exceptional communities, locations, technology and value.
  • Deals on the best products for tech startups
    We use our bulk membership power to get great deals for your from from major vendors and sponsors for free and heavily discounted products from hosting to SaaS and services and more.
  • Multi-Channel Collaboration with other professionals
    Skip the mainstream, in addition to all the face-to-face opportunities, get in touch via targeted virtual channels, physical zones and specialist micro communities of interest in tech, business, design and by location in online app/web/email forums and realtime chat.
  • Professional (yet casual) events
    Get hyper connected. Experience quality exposure to fellow founders, early stage technology investors, find educators, learn from successful founder lunches and lectures. Research shows you will be more successful, have higher impact, be more effective and resilient. Start peer learning and sharing so you get ahead, stay ahead and develop a cohort of like minded professionals sharing your startup journey.
  • Information and Physical Resources
    Inside industry info based on years of experience e.g. investor lists, pitch packs and curated reading recommendation.
  • Support for Special Interest Groups
    • Support & Deals for University Students
    • Support & Deals for Internships
    • Special focus on Regional ecosystem (rural, interstate, international) we have members from over 20 towns/cities in Australia and the region
    • Distributed library of books, devices and more.
      Physical and virtual resources. Phones, tablets, IoT. Learn. Test your apps. Read. Listen.
    • Policy database access to view and vote.
      Structured by country and level of government plus portfolio. Let politicians, lobbyists, public servants, bureaucrats and the whole ecosystem (other entrepreneurs, investors, educators) know your views as an entrepreneur and world’s best practice free of external influencer bias.
  • Other products and locations under development.

Need More?

We have plans for all types of ecosystem participants even entrepreneurs in transition or from out of town and angel investors too.