UK Prime Minister Holds First Ever Startup Pitch At Number 10 Downing Street

OK Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten I hope you are paying attention here.


UK Prime Minister David Cameron played host to the first ever tech startup pitch event on a hot summer day at his residence yesterday, entertaining 10 high-growth tech companies, venture capitalists and angel investors. This was the equivalent of holding a pitch event at The White House.

Despite its name, the “Pitch 10” event at Number 10 Downing Street was closer to a showcase of growing UK startups. That said, this was the first time actual pitches from companies were heard in this venue, so the event was noteworthy on that basis alone.

The companies pitching were Certivox, Digital Shadows, DueDil, Huddle, Kykcloud, LumeJetMimecast, ROLI, Swiftkey and Transferwise. All pretty heavy-weight in security or fintech. You can see the ‘lookbook’ presented to attendees here.

Amid photographs of previous prime ministers, kings and queens, in the grand setting of Number 10, where once Winston Churchill prowled the halls puffing…

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