StartSoc Early Concepts & Principles

It takes leadership to build a new national industry body.

It takes guts to think and act for the longer term greater good, it is hard work to be independent and it takes strategy, pure intentions, firm values and great execution to avoid the conflicts of interest that plague our industry.

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So, it is time for you to show you understand the value of enduring principles.

Sign up now and support The Start Society Core Principles by being a founding signatory.  It only takes two minutes and may help our industry for generations.

If you are a tech entrepreneur or ecosystem enabler you will be amongst the founding members of the society when it is formally constituted.

Being a principled signatory is free and we welcome the adoption of these principles by other industry bodies and participants and only ask for simple recognition so that others can also become aware of our work.

You may also like to consider being a paid up StartSoc Foundation Member (contact us) which is $99+GST per person per annum for individual entrepreneurs and ecosystem enablers like investors, mentors, educations, co-working operators and specialist community members from a technology, business or design background. Members are helping build the resource base of skill and funds to implement these principles.

Introducing StartSoc – The Start Society

  • The Start Society is an emerging national group primarily serving professional technology (and technology enabled) startup entrepreneurs who typically focus on disruptive innovation.
  • Over time we expect most if not all entrepreneurs will employ a tech enabled component so we must adapt accordingly to add the most value to the most strategic audience.
  • StartSoc is a startup too, we are a startup serving startups, especially startup founding entrepreneurs, team members and their ecosystem enablers.

Entrepreneurs are the heart of the ecosystem

  • Successful entrepreneurs are the centre of a diverse and interdependent enabling ecosystem that forms our industry and powers our local and national economy increasing in significance over time.
  • StartSoc represents and serves entrepreneurs and also supports the enabling ecosystem.

StartSoc serves entrepreneurs

  • StartSoc is building a new type of organisation in the tradition of the ancient craft guilds but with modern techniques.
  • We hope to be a role model for startup ecosystems around the world seeking to foster entrepreneurship just as other great world changing professions like medicine and architecture evolved through peer learning. Members may choose to vote on a more contemporary name of course but this will do for now.
  • StartSoc highly values entrepreneurship, fair representation, transparency, sustainability and innovation – in all their forms.  We believe great startups and great startup ecosystems start locally and aspire globally with success powered by connections, education, insight, inspiration, enablers and support.  Together these are our twelve core founding principles.

StartSoc Core Principles

We value these things because they are enduring and enabling foundation stones of our ecosystem, economy and nation.

  1. Entrepreneurship because it creates diverse, sustainable, commercial and social benefits.
  2. Fair representation because others (particularly those with conflicts of interest) should not speak for us, this is a responsibility only we as entrepreneurs can carry, we need to speak for ourselves and together our voice is louder and our values more aligned because our differences are debated and our agreements are consolidated.
  3. Transparency because it ensures fact based decisions and helps ensure integrity.
  4. Sustainability because long term success usually requires a meaningful balance of commercial, social (including personal and family) and environmental impact.
  5. Innovation because no one has a monopoly on good ideas and we need to be internationally hyper-connected and competitive to maximise our beneficial impact.
  6. Local because technology is only ever part of the story, the people and organisations behind great startups – the stakeholders in all their forms – are not virtual and do need to have a home base where they can live, learn, grow and be productive.
  7. Global because our markets and our enabling technology is global, particularly the internet but also all the enabling standards, technology and techniques. All global. As an organisation however we will start in local and consolidate to national but over time build regional presence and global alliances
  8. Enablers and support because we can not be great alone, we need all the elements of a diverse inclusive thriving ecosystem such as an association ( StartSoc ), co-working spaces, specialist communities, educators, mentors, investors, vendors, advocates, sponsors and more.
  9. Inspiration because the desire to solve a problem, to find a solution, to work together or alone for years is not trivial and without great conference speakers, quiet achievers, global entrepreneurs – all inspiring people, stories, role models and winners – we face the untested limits and unfulfilled destiny of an uninspired future.
  10. Insight because we need data to make decisions – and wish to continue the development of technology entrepreneurship as a science not just a black art – a science where hard facts collected from experimental interations leads to practical decisions – and along with artful intuitive insights and creative design –  side by side lead to creatively fueled yet fact based direction to market success.
  11. Education – in all its forms from classrooms to massive online open courses, from mentoring overall to specific skill coaching, from learning by reading to learning by doing, from lean principles to startup weekenders, from 1:1 peer coaching to massive conferences and expos.
  12. Connections – because hyper connected inclusive communities are more resilient, efficient and effective, they learn faster and the good stuff rises and gets shared faster and the bad stuff  gets found out faster.

Example Outcomes

We hope to lead by example as a role model of a future national organisation and to enable scaling as a potential regional organisation in Australasia and Asia –

  1. As an example of innovation and transparency – electronic suggestions for office holder nominations, speakers (and other volunteers) and electronic voting as a right for members to vote on their representatives and to vote on the priority and execution plan for opportunities open to our ecosystem such as simple share plans, getting super appropriately into startups, crowd funding simplification for orders or equity and so much more.  This a core benefit of being a member of StartSoc because it makes our voice clearer and our actions aligned for higher impact.
  2. As an example of local, transparent and sustainable we will have local events, local enablers and local initiatives that are formed and led locally – in a national calendar and directory to minimise duplication and travel hassles – where StartSoc is an enabler for our members to make startup life easier and the ecosystem operation smarter.
  3. As an example of fair representation, as much as practically possible will be democratically selected by members over time – from our image to our principles, from our logo to our locations, from our goals and objectives to our office holders and representatives – all drafted by elected officials and endorsed by member voting.
  4. As a general guide but subject to context, The Start Society will not seek to compete with enablers but may add value by developing solutions to unmet needs (like well located inexpensive professional tech startup coworking spaces) and niches that may be of a strategic (preferably) or tactic (for learning or demonstration purposes and typically less often) nature.

Ecosystem = Entrepreneurs + Enablers

  1. StartSoc primarily listens to and serves entrepreneurs but also aspires to serve the broader startup ecosystem.
  2. We assert that the other stakeholders in the ecosystem are enablers that in general rely on successful entrepreneurs to thrive.
  3. We acknowledge as crucial to success this ‘entrepreneur-ecosystem-enabler mutual interdependence’ with educators, regulators, investors, spaces, accelerators, communities, enablers and vendors all usually involved in any major success.

StartSoc Structure

  1. StartSoc aims to be a financially and operationally independent entity but requires member support to deliver on this goal.
  2. StartSoc will be effectively crowd-funded by memberships by entrepreneurs and ecosystem enabler sponsorships, run by volunteers and co-ordinated by a small core secretariat of professionals with a record of nurturing the ecosystem, fostering democracy and transparency and remaining independent.
  3. StartSoc is a startup serving startup entrepreneurs and their ecosystem enablers.


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