iCentral is Open

We are excited to announce iCentral.Co is now unofficially open at 234 Sussex St Sydney and our first members have moved in.

Some awesome designer and recycled furniture has been moved in (loads and loads of stuff) and most of the charter members have now subscribed. We will continue to improve the space over time, it is huge, one of the largest in Australia and certainly one of the best located and the first with a major verandah garden.

Prices are subsidised because of our community based operating model and are around half the price of similar city centre offerings in Sydney.

Open house for iCentral.Co is every Friday at 3pm, the building is secure so we meet on the ground floor lobby and wait for escort. Most of our volunteers and charter members are also happy to show you around.

You can find us on facebook (we probably update this the most with photos and news) and twitter of course.

Apply now on the website, so far we have accepted 50 of the 150 applicants.

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