Light Memberships at iCentral.Co

New Light Memberships at iCentral.Co by The Start Society.

Why Light Memberships?

The focus for this new service is to help people who are bridging/transitioning into entrepreneurship, enabling entrepreneurs or investing in entrepreneurs and their businesses.
We expect light memberships will be most commonly used by –
  • Angel Investors and mentors looking to stay close to their existing or find new investments that also like to do volunteer mentoring and contribute to the community by sharing their experience in internet and mobile tech startups.
  • Tech, design and business professionals aspiring to be entrepreneurs who are moonlighting on their tech startup business to be the main beneficiaries but also people who are simply busy elsewhere but want to get involved or stay in touch.

The Light Package:

Subscription for $99 per month with these features
  • Part-Time Desk: Casual stand alone normal or standup or shared community desk, your choice on the day.
  • Location: Amazing city location and facilities. Common areas for meetings, espresso coffee, tea, snacks and drinks. New cafe area, bathrooms and shower. Awesome Internet. Access within 1-2 minutes for parking, shops, bike racks/lanes, rail, buses, taxi rank etc…
  • Professional Community: Access to online forum with other e-members, casual members and permanent members covering events, news, social, education, peer learning, member lunch events, etc.
  • Education & Events: Access to member events including weekly pitching, member lunches, workshops, lectures notified via forums.
  • No BS: We have strict curation on content so you know if it is a lecture or  product push and don’t waste your time like other places. Same applies to members!
  • News & Deals: Access to group community discounts and deals
  • Great Vibe: Lots of people say it, but we actually have it. This is our secret sauce.

How It Works:

  • Space: 2 days per month casual desk access to iCentral.Co … need more? Try upgrading to a permanent or casual desk
  • Internet: huge 500/500Mbps link with backup
  • Meet: Use common meeting spaces, plenty of tables and niches to choose from.
  • Enjoy: Use all/most facilities e.g. common kitchen, verandah and lounge with normal free/cheap drink/food service
  • No Hosting: On this plan you can not hold events, you need to be a casual or permanent member (the next level up) but you can attend most other people’s events and if you do need to run an event for example we do have a 100-200 space plus two classroom areas if you need it later and want to upgrade your plan.
  • Limits: Reasonable usage limits apply e.g. guests typically 2-3 each member for max 2-3 hours unless you have booked and paid for one of the larger meeting rooms.
  • Bonus: One off annual membership to StartSoc: The Start Society our growing national body.
  • Billing: 3 months up front (thereafter monthly) must keep your account in order and be paid-up a minimum of 30 days in advance or you will be auto cancelled. This is a business offer so GST applies. For cancellations we expect notice or payment in lieu of notice.
  • We strive for time efficiency for everyone using simplified/standardised processes and strongly encourage early payment of invoices to help our cash flow so we can keep prices down for you.

How To Join

APPLY NOW and we will get back to you.

  • Need more? Just apply for a casual or permanent plan instead.
  • Not sure? Read on below for more details or apply anyway and then come along to one of our regular open houses, see twitter or facebook for details and make sure you follow/like us while you are there.

Detailed Target Market

Details on why we offer light memberships.

We are anticipating five categories of specific personas . Target is people that are direct entrepreneurial contributors to the ecosystem or will soon be contributors that have some constraints on time, travel or skill that they want to overcome on their path to becoming an entrepreneur –
  • Angel Investors: Investors of any kind (angel, venture capital, strategic, corporate ventures) largely focused on early stage companies that are not needing advice (we don’t provide advice and any representations about any other members) who need to be close to their existing investments regularly for board meetings or strategy / business reviews or want to find new tech startups to invest in e.g. via the Friday evening pitching/beers sessions. Strong bias towards serial entrepreneurs in between startup exits who also do regular angel investing.
  • Regional Connectors:  Bridging the distance from other countries or regional centres and country towns Tech startup entrepreneurs, enablers (e.g regional co-working spaces) and investors operating from regional or suburban centres that don’t get into town very often and are typically full time on the their startup but just not nearby or able to travel due to work or other commitments but they do want to be connected to a major hub.
  • Transitioning and Need Time:  Tech startup entrepreneurs thinking about joining the tech startup ecosystem or joining an existing startup or creating a startup of their own but are still a working professional or otherwise busy e.g. parents, carers intending to go full time but can’t do it yet.
  • Transitioning and Need Knowledge: Developers/Designers/Business  (Hacker/Hipster/Hustler) ‘enablers but not startups yet’ that want to learn or exposure to startups but are not going to be a drag on the community. Strong bias towards developers/designers that are full-time or  part-time looking for a peer learning and work place variety every now and then who may have technical expertise to share in exchange for learning by osmosis about the tech startup ecosystem and seeing real entrepreneurial tools, attitudes and skill sets being practically applied.
  • Students or interns: typically doing computer science or later stages of a major design course at a tech startup ecosystem institution such as a specialist educator, incubator, accelerator or selected universities and courses. They may or may not already have a role at a startup.

Other Notes:

  • These categories would all normally NOT be available to be casual or permanent members unless they are also working on creating their own tech startups.
  • We are not expanding the membership market to general consultants or vendors large or small that ‘just want to hang out near startups in order to pitch to them’.

Need More?

Read about us –

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