Policy & Insight Roundup – Australian Tech Startups

It is hard to beat a good joust, vigorous debates usually bring out the best results.

Recent initiatives and publications The Start Society has been watching closely include –

Australia Needs a Quest

Probably one of the more interesting commentaries in recent years was from IntVen Director Mike Nicholls in a personal post on linkedin of considerable depth and insight. You can read the full article here, he asks where are our tech billionaires and proposes an exhaustive list of ways to get more billionaires in tech.

Mike will be speaking at iCentral.Co hosted by The Start Society on Wed June 3, 2015 at 234 Sussex St 12:30. Meet in the lobby for escort through security.

Newcastle Startups

Led by a group of local entrepreneurs based around the city centre, Hamilton area, CSIRO and University of Newcastle and including initiatives by the local councils and other institutions this is one area to watch as it sets a precedent of rebirth of a major hub that could also be applied to other similar cities like Wollongong. Newcastle is a major long term centre and was originally settled around 1804 not that long after Washington DC USA in 1776 which has a major tech startup advocacy group of the same name expanding internationally.

The Start Society will be advising a regional development strategy workshop in early June, contact us if you would like to contribute a submission. Ideas on the table include international hackathons around industry verticals like solar.

Other Regional Startups

A huge array of small centres have expressed interest in collaborating for knowledge sharing from Bega to Wagga Wagga and Tweed, Gold Coast, Newcastle and lots more.

If we  develop 5,000 startups around each of our top 10 universities and top 10 population centres, this will still only make tech startups 0.1% of the Austrlian SME base. Regional centres will be key to a federated network of peer learning, support and development.

Would you like your area to be included? We’d like to hear from you.

What’s Next For SydStart ?

This 3 min summary video shows the vibrant nature of the local and national community event scene, but what is next? We’d like to hear from you.

Significant Investor Visas & Premium Investor Visas

Commercial citizenship is alive and well in Australia, provision of visas (for $5m) and residency (for $15m) is now available and expected to be rapidly adopted by the global wealthy mobile elite. The little publicised Australian Federal budget measures include a small but growing provision for encouraging tech startup investments, these are currently via traditional paths but will hopefully include more flexible angel investments too soon. Read a summary here.

Google Sponsored StartupAus CrossRoads Report 2015

As published in AntHill – the full list of StartupAUS Crossroads 2015 Report recommendations is as follows:

  • Create a national innovation agency
  • Increase the number of entrepreneurs
  • Improve the quality and quantity of entrepreneurship education
  • Increase the number of people with ICT skills
  • Improve access to start-up expertise
  • Increase availability of early stage capital to start-ups
  • Address legal and regulatory impediments
  • Increase collaboration and international connectedness

A role for The Start Society

Great to see the continued debate, now we just need to work on community alignment, systematic democratic representation and prioritised implementation. StartSoc will be helping in these areas as we make Australia The Start Society not just an idea but a national movement and part of our culture to create wealth and social impact through technology and innovation origination and application.

Cheers, Pete.

Pete Cooper (@pc0 on twitter) is founder of The Start Society (@StartSoc and #StartSoc on twitter) and he is also curator at iCentral.Co Sydney a huge tech startup coworking community in the city centre at Town Hall station (@iCentralCo on twitter).

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