We Make Founders Lives Suck 49% Less

StartSoc makes founding a tech startup much easier

Some fun statistics first, and some seriously good (and very important ones) at the end.

We were inspired recently by Founder Tim Hill who is a member of The Start Society. Tim’s co-founder Phillip Hancock is also a member. Tim was a speaker at one of our regular lunch events for members to learn and connect from leading peers.

Tim and Phillip have a social media ROI (return on investment) focused startup called Social Status that was recently accepted into the Mountain View California based accelerator Hackers & Founders. H&F is based at the legendary Hacker Dojo tech coworking and community space opposite the main google campus.

H&F says on their website –

We make founders lives suck less by x%

We think this is kinda cool as a simple measure of effectiveness, even if it is a double negative.

So we conducted a survey of 95% of member attendees at lunch today and after surveying a total of 41 technology entrepreneurs we came up with this highly subjective statistic:

  • StartSoc: 49%
  • Hackers & Founders: 34%

Our members say –

The Start Society makes founders lives better by 49%

We know this is a weird and subjective statistic but it makes us feel kinda proud.

More importantly, we have some other statistics that are more serious to show our amazing progress. Approximate figures –

  • 130 entrepreneurs have joined in 9 months, we think this is the fastest of any space or physical curated tech startup community.
  • 8% of entrepreneurs here have raised external funds, we think this is one of the highest
  • 5% have been accepted into a top tier accelerator and
  • 4% have outgrown us
  • Remember this is all in just under 9 months !!!

Makes us very proud old ecosystem builders.

Cheers, Pete.

Photo: Please note: Stephen on the right doesn’t normally look like that 🙂 We don’t just help founders create products and hence wealth. Pictured is one of the finalist teams from the recent Social Impact tech startup weekend run by StartupSocial and held at iCentralCo by The Start Society.

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