New Huge Desks & Intern Surprise

Only the best for you.

The Start Society knows you want to work, learn and connect professionally so having generous affordable space with qualified peers to learn & share is absolutely crucial for your startup success.

We already reject over half of applicants through our curation process so we are more tech and professional than most communities. Now we are also more generous with desk space and developing the next generation via internships.

OMG That is huge !!!

The standard coworking desk at iCentralCo by The Start Society is now the largest standard member’s desk of any curated tech startup coworking community space in Australia at 2.1m wide.

Steel legs and high grade timber tops at 2100mm x 770mm that is over 1.6sqm of desk space which is more than enough for –

  • pair programming (when you temporarily share with a peer to learn)
  • the largest iMac
  • and it is not unusual for our permanent members to have three screens running.

Now that helps productivity! Some desks are even larger too!

New Intern Discounts – A Surprise Bonus for Members

We now also offer 50% OFF to interns who join an existing team.

Three conditions apply to this offer in order for us to maximise efficiency and improve learning opportunities.

  1. Intern/s must be permanent or casual
    Because we want interns to be seriously committed to learning
  2. The existing member startup team they join must be mainly permanent or casual
    Because we want you to be there to host and teach
  3. Interns must also either
    a) share the new large-standard desks OR
    b) use our smaller solo-visitor desks (1100mm x 670mm).
    Because we know from research that density and proximity increases learning by osmosis

This offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

If you’d like to be an intern at a startup which is one of the The Start Society member companies ask at your university careers desk about The Start Society or just attend one of our events to talk to members and maybe even put a notice or business card on the member’s notice board.

If you’d like to get an intern for your own startup (and an intern membership with desk) apply now to be a permanent or casual member.

Please note: 

We do not provide services for employment or internships and each business and person/employee/intern are responsible for their own discovery/matching, due diligence, payroll, legal, tax and other contractual obligations.

Need more?

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