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Accelerators are often confused with incubators. The key distinguishing characteristics (in our view) are accelerators tend to be defined a little more tightly than incubators e.g.

  • Timeframe – 90 days program of structured education with a further 90 days of co-working provided
  • Cohort – accelerators tend to have a defined intake time period and hence the ‘class’ or cohort are gated together e.g. by an paper, e-form or video application process with a timeline and batched assessment for entry such as pitching to a judging panel.
  • Investment – cash is often included and sets a floor (hopefully) for company valuation for future investors.

Accelerators and incubators are often overlapping in areas such as connections (to mentors, investors, educators, regulators and industry).

Some of the major accelerators include –

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