Functional Storage & Supplies

The Start Society operates iCentral Coworking Community Spaces for the benefit of members, the following cabinets are used for storage and ALSO for member services functions the society administrators provide.

All of the these items VARY BY LOCATION so your city may or may not have the full list. If you are not sure just ask, we want to offer all services everywhere eventually but as a volunteer run organisation there are limits to what is possible.

You can find these items on the campus plan document for your location.

Your Personal Storage (DEDICATED TO YOU) – These are normally under-desk three draw or two draw units often on wheels for use by individual members for personal storage. They are numbered and allocated to individuals often with a key (one key remains in the central store in case you lose yours). These are available for permanent co-working members and depending on availability/location also for casual plans. We also offer lockers in some locations.

Your Company Storage (DEDICATED TO TEAM) – These are normally free standing cabinets and because they are using additional floor space (not under desk) they are provided at an additional cost on request subject to availability. They are numbered and allocation to individuals usually with a key (one key remains in the central store in case you lose yours). Useful for members requiring on-site product samples or small scale inventory.

General Mail Box (SHARED WITH ALL PERMANENTS AND CASUALS) – mail arriving at our premises must be in your name and/or the name of your company, these will normally be handed to you on arrival each day or left on your desk. If you do not have a permanent desk or mail is not in a name we recognise (as per your initial application and invoice) it will be left in the General Mail Box. Legally this box is covered by federal mail regulations, so please remember mail tampering or interception are legal offences … only take your own mail. Normally located in a high traffic area near the main entrance and the collaborate or focus zones.

Office Supplies Box  (SHARED WITH ALL) – cabinet with a collection of useful office stuff from paper for the printer/s to post it notes for innovative workshops, spare pens etc… Normally located between the focus zone and the collaborate zone in a high traffic area.

Medical Supplies Box (SHARED WITH ALL) – cabinet of useful things for simple minor issues like headaches and scratches. If in doubt go to a doctor!

Power boards, Desk & Chair Stuff Box (SHARED WITH ALL) – cabinet with a collection of useful stuff for personal desks, e.g. power cables, power boards, chair cushions, chair instructions for aerons, self service cleaning caddies for keeping your personal area spotless

Events Box (SHARED WITH EVENT ORGANISERS) – Sample items include judging clipboards and score sheets for pitch comps, power cables, projector, projector stand, blue tooth wireless speaker, laptop projector cables, HDMI cables, USB cables, instruction sheet for event organisers. Normally located near the largest event space podium/lectern.

Swag Box (SHARED WITH ALL)- Swag is branded goods provided free by companies and distributed by StartSoc to our members. Startups and corporate sponsors alike can provide stuff for members. Find in here. T-Shirts. Stickers. Stuff! Normally located near the largest event space in the collaborate zone.

KStore (SHARED BUT LOCKED/SECURED)- Kitchen Storage including beer, wine, cider, mineral water, tea, instant coffee, espresso capsules, refills for consumables from the bathrooms, kitchen and the like are all found here. Normally kept locked, contact a co-GM for access. Normally located near the kitchen sink. Usually more than a cabinet, this is often a whole built in cupboard or small walk-in room/space.

Workbench (SHARED BUT LOCKED/SECURED) – Separate room for laser cutters, 3D printers, heavy work with work bench, shelves, hammers, screw drivers, drills, saws, soldering iron, workstations, cables, spare parts, 3D printing perhaps etc. Move box is normally nearby too, the furniture trolleys are also located here. Normally kept locked, contact a co-GM for access.

Move Box (SHARED WITH ALL) – mover’s blankets to protect furniture in transit, wheels for heavy items. Normally near the workbench.

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