Contribute Your Story!

Blog Contributions from StartSoc Community Members

Consistent with our goals of transparency, connecting and learning, we have an open contributor model for StartSoc members to write for our blog once they have been a member and been contributing to the community for a while.

Basically once we get to know you we want to hear more from you, learn, connect, debate and share.


We want to keep this flexible and casual and bureaucracy free like most things so while there will be a curation and editorial process it is expected to be pretty light.

As a guide, anyone can post/repost on anything.

We simply ask that you –

  1. Focus on original education and sharing. Everyone knows stuff that is useful to others we just have to think a bit to maximise impact. Imagine you are mentoring or coaching perhaps. Tell your story though it doesn’t have to be dry, the more unique your perspective the more likely it is going to be useful to someone, maybe not everyone but that is cool.
  2. Keep blatant plugs and advertising to an absolute minimum, it is great to learn about a new segment and success metrics but blow hards are a bore.
  3. Is this the right forum for your message? If the content is time sensitive please allow for a reasonable editorial process (this is a long term society blog not your fleeting Facebook feed) and write accordingly. Ask yourself, are you talking to entrepreneurs and helping them, especially tech entrepreneurs.

Obviously articles must not be illegal, abusive or any of the horrible stuff and deletes, suspensions or ejection will be the usual response. We will also tag and categorise as we see fit but feel free to make suggestions. We can also edit and tweak (usually minimal unless you ask).

We think this is a powerful way to improve peer learning and community connectedness so lets see how it goes.

Timeless Inspiration & Sharing

Maybe you can talk about your search for a hustler co-founder or the best way to manage a distributed freelancer team of developers or tips and tricks for dealing with investors.

Real lie stories and practical stuff will take priority and the goal is for the startsoc synopsis to be the most useful and fun email in your inbox each week or so.

Who Contributes Articles?

We have seeded the initial group with long term members who are experts in a range of areas so hopefully we will see some real action from tech to growth hacking and design. The longer term goal is rich broad competitive ecosystem representation.

Write For StartSoc!

Don’t wait to be asked, put your hand up now. This is not restricted to any particular audience as long as you are a member, we are not trying to compete with mainstream media (in fact we will aim to get the best ones republished there regularly) we are simply trying to scratch our own itch for knowledge and useful insights and opinions from thought leaders and people at the coal face alike. Journalist members are welcome to apply.


Our traffic grew well over a hundred fold last year and we would like to do the same again this year. But we are still small (only tens of thousands of unique vistors), like our members, competing globally based in Australasia and working across borders is just how we roll.