Online Entrepreneur Education Courses

It is hard to be an entrepreneur, especially a tech startup entrepreneur aiming for a large and growing global market. Taking formal education courses can help but most things can be learnt online now for free too.

We recommend you aim for a big market with a good team and iterate following the data until you hit the right product (called product market fit).

These resources might help you, we also recommend you join us.

The StartSoc Commandments for Tech Entrepreneurs

  1. If you don’t start you can’t fail.
  2. Aim for a large growing, global and addressable market using internet and mobile.
  3. Get a good team with balanced skills including hackers/tech, hipsters/design and hustlers/sales/business.
  4. Iterate/experiment and collect data based on observed behaviour by prospects/clients/users and then act on that data to incrementally improve.
  5. Read the rest of this page and this act on it.

Books We Love

  • Rework by 37 Signals
  • Zero to One by Peter Theil



  • Paul Graham
  • Clayton Christensen

Ecosystem Guides

Online Universities

  • Coursera
  • Udacity
  • Khan Academy
  • EduX
  • Most major developed country universities also have online content or check the ecosystem guides section above for your country


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