The Thin Emerald Line

The Start Society logo invokes a simple vertical line on the side, seemingly ‘held steady’ or perhaps ‘pushed’ forward by Society. This is the thin emerald line.

It represents our tiny tech startup community holding and improving our local quality of life for all of us in an aggressive new economy where competitive forces roll around the world powered by the internet, globalisation, mobile and other technologies.

Our home grown yet global tech startups exporting great product mean we are not just consuming or paying. We are also creators who are earning. This could be wealth or social impact or perhaps even more nuanced ‘influence’.


Those that Start any business but particularly those that create global tech startups exporting world class products are the few from Society that rely and build upon it but also defend it.

Hence the stacked words in the StartSoc logo.

If we are successful, we can become The definitive start society, a nation of global creators like tech startups and expert innovators that are global grade and don’t just hold the line but advance it and our quality of life along with it.

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