Ecosystem Enablers

Entrepreneurs are the heart of the ecosystem, without them there would be no ecosystem or innovation delivery. But ecosystems are diverse and there are many aspects.

Composition of the Startup ecosystem

● ideas, inventions and research ● startups at various stages ● entrepreneurs ● startup team members ● Angel investors ● startup mentors ● startup advisors ● other entrepreneurial minded people ● third parties from other organizations with startup activities

List of organizations and/or organized activities with startup activities

● universities ● advisory & mentoring organizations ● startup incubators ● startup accelerators ● coworking spaces ● service providers (consulting, accounting, legal, etc.) ● event organizers ● startup competitions ● investor networks ● venture capital companies ● crowdfunding portals ● other funding providers (loans, grants etc.) ● startup blogs & other business media ● other facilitators

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