Startup Office Space and
Coworking Community Features

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Curated Professional Tech Startup Space

iCentralCo by The Start Society is a professional tech startup community and coworking space, curated solely for the benefit of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and their teams.

  • Huge expert community + City office address + bonus online community membership.
  • Fast Net: Super fast internet 500/500Mbps plus backup
  • 100+ professional tech startup entrepreneur members
  • Majority of members are developers (hackers). Next biggest group is design/UX/CX/UI (hipsters) followed by business commercial roles (hustlers). Role ratio is approximately 8:1:1
  • Location: St Leonards close to all major transport (rail, bus, ferry, parking, taxis)
  • Professional Peers: Curated community of 100+ tech entrepreneurs just like you
  • Zones: Trio zone model. Focus on quiet solo work, connect in shared collaboration areas and create in private meeting spaces. more
  • Secure: Security floor 24/7; Secure members access via electronic key pass card
  • Choice: Desks and chairs; 4-5 styles of each including aeron/european; Feel free to move around;
  • Stretch out: Many of our standard desks are nearly double the size of many in the market.
  • Access: meeting spaces; online forums; member events and lectures/talks (most are free)
  • Quality: Contemporary fittings with quality fixtures, minimalist euro style furniture;
  • Contemporary: Modern building with great light from many floor to ceiling windows; large airy space;
  • Roomy: Large common areas & meeting spaces;
  • Kitchen: Fridges, jug, espresso machine, toaster, microwave, crockery, cutlery, water bottles etc
  • Tea/coffee/snacks/cereal/beer/wine/cider/beverages.  Most stuff is free or gold coin into Honour Jar.
  • Separate guest internet access
  • Escorted guests welcome in common areas
  • Online: Discover us. Apply. Invoice. Pay. Collaborate in forums/chat/social networks.
  • No strangers policy – introduce yourself and your guests!
  • Membership based: no short term one-day-deals so you get to know everyone on a first name basis.
  • First year of membership to The Start Society included free. Get deals on industry insight, research, education, events and popular global tech startup product and services.
  • Special packages for students and startups from regional areas

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