New iCentral in Phillip St, Sydney

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CANCELLED: 88 Phillip St Sydney NSW 2000 Level 22

iCentral by The Start Society at Aurora Place

iCentral is the curated co-working community for tech startups operated by StartSoc.

This is our new venue and we are expecting to be operational late October 2016.

This space is a lot higher quality building and views but is hence more expensive and smaller and denser desk configuration.

90% of desks are able to be switched to standing desks in seconds if you wish.

The new iCentral at Aurora Place offer spectacular views, exceptional location, unlimited internet, flexible plans, bike parking and end of trip facility with showers, lockers and towel service.

And the best views in Australia for a tech startup community just minutes walk from most of the other major communities including Stone & Chalk Bridge St, Tyro FinTechHub Clarence St, BlueChilli York St and WeWork Martin Place.

Contact us via email as soon as possible to get shortlisted… service at thestartsociety dot com

Space is going to go fast.

Check out the map (the old iC and the new one are both shown) and lots of photos… excuse the mess from the previous tenants. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 5.07.30 PM