iCentral Coworking Space For Tech Startups

iCentral.Co Launch

Our first tech startup business community space is in the heart of the City of Sydney. 234 Sussex St is just 90 seconds from Town Hall station shopping centre.

The Precinct

iCentral.Co is opposite Darling Park in an incredibly great location for tech startups to access customers from enterprise and professionals to small business and consumers in the heart of Australia’s largest city.

iCentral is for individual entrepreneurs and teams. We like tech startups and really love scalable product businesses and people trying to learn and transition into the ecosystem. But standards are high, we want our members to be surrounded by the best so even though we have had hundreds of applications, less than half are typically accepted.

We have a 500/500Mbps internet link and a huge community and space with common areas, kitchen, meeting spaces, flexible desk and chair choices.

1,100 square metres of indoor shared space plus a 250 square metre sunny dedicated verandah garden.

Bathrooms are new and each floor has a shower.

Charter memberships are sold out and normal memberships are currently selling quickly so please move quickly to avoid disappointment.

Prices are typically half the price of other premium city centre locations with special flexible plans for regional visitors and investors.

Here are some shots of a typical week at iCentral as we build another great pillar of the tech startup ecosystem.

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12 thoughts on “iCentral Coworking Space For Tech Startups

  1. Hi,

    My name is Dave Cheong, formerly from Tinybeans. I now run a small full-stack software and products development company called Mobiusly. We work with companies like NBNCo, TheIconic, Pocketbook, Glamazon etc to conceive and develop iOS, Android and web apps.

    We’re currently based in the YourDesk shared spaced in Surry Hills. I got wind of the iCentral project recently and it sounds amazing. I’m looking for 3-4 permanent desks for my team in a space with fast up/down internet access and a good vibrant community we can be a part of. Was wondering if iCentral would be a good place, whether we can drop in for an inspection, and if you had timelines for when tenants can move in.

    Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing back from you.


    Phone: 0401 003 031


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