The Start Society Entrepreneur’s Library

Welcome to the StartSoc Library

We are pleased to announce the StartSoc Library.

Use this form for borrowing and returning books and devices.

More formally, this is the Entrepreneur’s Library by The Start Society.

You can borrow physical books/items or browse and download online resource files and ebooks.

Everything is FREE for members, we encourage non-members to join StartSoc.

What Is The Library?

A place for physical books, online ebooks, physical hardware devices (for real-world app testing) and a lot more.

StartSoc Library is a community service initiative for entrepreneurs and members and their guests to help entrepreneurs help themselves.

How It Works

The key to the library is it operates on an honour system regionally using donated books, devices and other items.

There are physical books and online downloads.

Online Books

The library also operates online with useful resources for entrepreneurs from the well known to the less well known tools, techniques and a lot more.

Just browse the online files and download from the online section of the library or

Traditional Paper Books

Just go to a one of the StartSoc affiliated spaces (like iCentral.Co tech startup coworking spaces) and find a book, device or other item then complete the library check out form for the physical section of the library.

How To Donate Items

You can donate goods at your nearest StartSoc affiliated space for example. The curators there will advise if it is a relevant and desirable donation item but we also offer some guidelines as to what is of interest (hint: recent model phones and tablets are useful for testing apps, very old textbooks are not).

Or just complete the library donation form and we will get in touch with details on where you can send or drop off your item if it is accepted.

How To Borrow and Return Items

Even though the library operates on an honour system, we need people to register movement of items in and out online so the distributed virtual pool of items is visible to all entrepreneurs everywhere.

Use the library check in/out form for physical items –

  • borrowing physical items,
  • grabbing a copy of an  e-resource,
  • returning physical items,
  • donating physical or e-resource items,
  • giving feedback,
  • making requests and more

is always available online right here at


Some of our favourite items are books like –

  • Rework – the short and punchy guide to internet businesses spanning philosophy and practical issues by the team that built BaseCamp to millions of users with a handful of team members, we love this one and have read a few times because each chapter only takes about the same time as a cup of coffee.
  • Business Model Generation – the original structured tool for designing businesses by Alex Osterwalder that has spawned dozens of follower books and theories. This practical tool is widely used for weekend sprints and by leading accelerators globally.
  • Innovators Dilemma – the classic by Professor Clayton Christensen that introduce the concept of disruptive innovation that is still reverberating around the world.

Need More?

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