Open Lunches for Entrepreneurs

Lunch at StartSoc

Each week we host ‘brown bag’ lunches for entrepreneurs at The Start Society. The exact format varies very slightly by location but the general idea is to just turn up, no ticket, no advance notice, then network, learn from peers and also regularly hear from (very) well know successful entrepreneurs.

These are open lunches so members can invite up to 2 other colleagues each week from other non-member tech startups as their guest. We ask you to encourage them to join StartSoc while they are there. We are trying to get our members hyper-connected as part of our core goals, see about us for more information.

Bring Your Own (Usually)

Lunches are very casual and BYO, bring-your-own sandwich, sushi, soup or lobster 🙂 … these are often called ‘brown bag’ lunches. Sometimes the food is sponsored.


Typically we head out at 12:15 to buy from local food outlets and sit down back in the kitchen (or auditorium for larger events) around 12:30 for official start around 12:45 if there is a formal speaker lined up for that day.

Generally the big day is Wednesday, we also encourage smaller scale 1:1 conversations around tech specific topics on Tuesdays and Thursday.

Sample Lunchtime Speakers

Anyone of interest to entrepreneurs is welcome to apply. We have had lots of people from CEO/founders of major firms, patent experts, shark tank celebrities and young up and coming geniuses who have raised funding or are entirely bootstrapped.

Other categories include –

  • Priority spots always go to founders. Peer learning is a core goal of these lunches. Founders of great local startups that are taking their products globally or prominent entrepreneurs or community leaders including policy specialists, advocates, lobbyists and politicians and anyone that a industry think tank or though leader would appreciate.
  • Pitching coaches, mentors, educators, role models, local specialists, expats.
  • Tax, legal, accounting, design, technology specialists and the like. Usually for vendors we use a reverse pitch format with a panel of (say) 3 firms competing for startup love and attention.

Need More?

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