Event Organisers

Event Organizers Play Book

If you want to run an event (something for more than few people for more than 2-3 hours) with us and/or at one of our locations you need to read (and do) all of this stuff. It is not hard (and not optional) and is required for the benefit of the ecosystem.

1. Before The Event

A good way to start is to print this page and write a draft on it and then cut and paste it into an email once the details firm up then contact us.

1.1 Is Your Date Available? Check first.

You can add the StartSoc Ecosystem Calendar to your calendar for all events. Make sure yours is listed as draft or Contact us.

1.2 Is Your Event Suitable? Check first.

We provide space for events that are complementary to what we are all about, stuff like – pure tech, tech startup businesses, entrepreneurship with a tech bias, disruptive innovation, creative thinking but with an execution bias, intersection of structured disciplines, global thinking and leading global tech trends.

Examples of events that we have run are – tech entrepreneurship education, tech education, tech communities, open source communities, founder institute, tech demo nights, product hunt, design thinking communities, social impact meets tech, startup weekends, corporate innovation*, tech product education*. Note if the event is for profit (*) we expect significant revenue share up front.

1.3 Are Our Goals And Your Goals Aligned?  They need to be to make it work.

In short we aim to be above average quality (audience and content), simple/understated/casual experience, highly inclusive/welcoming, respectful of other members e.g. time/duration/noise (they may still be working!) and provide professional content with expert audiences that includes unique experiences to learn, connect and be inspired in a manner that exceeds member and guest expectations and enhances our brand, your brand, your sponsor brands and benefits our membership without adding to risk or cost. Still note sure? Consider our notes on reciprocity.

1.4 Ticketing

We prefer Eventbrite.com for ticketing. It is easy and there are no fees for free events and the fees are very reasonable (if you run regular events) given all the services they provide. We expect you to share the event attendees list with us by inviting our email service(at)thestartsociety.com as a user with read only access in the eventbrite multi-user access page after you have created the event on eventbrite.

1.5 Promoting The Event

Social media, email lists, word of mouth, tracking codes – all these should mention The Start Society and the specific venue. Include our logo in your web page and sponsor lists and social media images. All mentions should link back to our home page at http://thestartsociety.com

1.6 Pre Event Checklist/Common FAQ

  1. A completed checklist (before/during/after) is required (yes this whole organisers page).
  2. Any exceptions must be agreed in writing at least 7 days prior to the event.
  3. Responsible member/s names (primary organiser)
  4. Bump out (support team) names (and if not a member with a linked url) this includes all cleaning items and following the cleaning checklist.
  5. Bump in (support team) names (and if not a member with a linked url) this includes all setup items
  6. Revenue share typically expressed as a minimum $ plus upside as % of total event revenue expressed transparently (e.g. screen shot from eventbrite and or online banking sponsor payments).
  7. Sponsors (if these change an email is required)
  8. Alternate responsible permanent member (if the primary organiser is busy on the day or even ill/unavailable/no-show for example)
  9. Total Duration (no more than 4 hours normally)
  10. Bump In Time (no more than 30 mins prior normally)
  11. Bump Out time (no more than 30 mins after normally)
  12. Start Time (normally 6pm or 6:30pm)
  13. Finish Time (normally 8:30 or 9pm)
  14. Additional access/security pass required and who (and original photo plus drivers licence/photo id)
  15. Linked to ticketing site and any other sites used to promote the event
  16. A copy of these conditions with a tick from the organiser against each point plus signature at the bottom indicating acceptance of all terms.
  17. You need to provide us with the proposed event details in writing (and receive written agreement from us) for each event every time.
  18. Make sure it is listed on The Start Society events calendar, we do this but you should check so there is no confusion and you maximise awareness.
  19. Once a draft date is agreed the other members must be notified and confirmed via the members email group forum that there is no date/time clash or inconvenience caused and conflicts be negotiated by the organiser. StartSoc Members should be allowed free attendance and given priority in terms of early notice.
  20. Our branding must be visible at all times. Do not obscure or remove our signage. A speaking slot (3-5 mins typically 1-2 mins) a the commencement and a thank you before and after are expected.
  21. An additional security pass may be provided to the organiser member, use of the pass including all security implications remains the obligation of the organising member. Photo Id is required and this should be organised will in advance.
  22. Catering, drinks, rubbish removal is the responsibility of the organiser.
  23. Visitors should register for access on the iPad at the front of house and a list of attendees be provided for our mailing list. We typically only update quarterly so unsubscribe inconvenience is minimal for your guests.
  24. We expect equitable sharing of sponsorship, ticket and other revenue from your event.
  25. Disruptions to members must be negligible or ZERO. Complaints will be passed to the organisers and must be addressed comprehensively within 48 hours (we want continuous learning and improvement here).
  26. We provide basic venue insurance like PLI and Plate Glass but additional insurances (e.g. contents) must be provided by the organiser and claims will first be made against the organiser prior to any claims being made against the venue.
  27. Access ways, particularly fire exits must not be changed/blocked. Fines will be applied.
  28. Furniture not to be moved and must be returned to original place if moves are pre-agreed.
  29. Venue to be left as clean (or cleaner) as you found it this includes wiping down benches, removal of rubbish etc…
  30. Dates / times / participants / organisers / support team / content – must be agreed in advance in writing well prior to the event.
  31. Organiser/s must be a permanent member.
  32. All aspects of Guests and their management are the responsibility of the organiser/s.
  33. Cleaning Checklist must be completed and email sent within 30 minutes of finish confirming all done and any exceptions and why and what is going to be done about them and when.
    1. Check and Replace furniture (e.g. neat, tidy, chairs in desks)
    2. Check, turn off and replace equipment (e.g. if projector bulb needs replacing)
    3. Remove rubbish and empty bins
    4. wipe down benches
    5. Sweep/mop area
    6. Washing up all dishes/glasses/cups and return to normal shelves
    7. General tidy up
    8. no food remnants, smells cleaned and cleaned 100% in preparation for next event (e.g. a separate breakfast event may directly follow an evening event or a lunch event may directly follow a breakfast event or a dinner event may directly follow a lunch or afternoon event).

2. During The Event Checklist

2.1. Before It Starts (Bump In)

  1. Make sure people are there prior to meet deliveries and early guests and speakers.
  2. Signage
  3. Ice, Drinks, Pizza, etc are all your responsibility

2.2 At The Start (Commencement/Arrivals)

  1. Common stuff (e.g. power cords, projector, data cables) are usually in the event cabinet or others nearby.
  2. Issue name badges so people get to know each other, we are hear to build a hyper connected community because it help use all be more effective and resilient. If in doubt ask them to register on the iPad so we get their email that way.
  3. Collect emails (we expect a copy of the list) and names and companies.
  4. Arrange for someone to meet arriving guests and deliveries (e.g. ice/drinks/food/caterers, sponsors, signage)

2.3. During The Event

  1. Tell attendees about event duration and time limits on use of the space.
  2. Tell attendees about The Start Society and this venue and our operating model and goals.
  3. Introduce members who are attending the event or ask them to put their hands up so non-members attending can connect with them and ask questions.
  4. Tell them about the zones – desk areas are out of bounds and only meeting rooms that are pre-agreed for use.
  5. Be considerate and ask early arrivals to move to a common area furthest from members who may still be working e.g. 5:30 for a 6:00 event should still be quiet.
  6. Thanks the member/venue and StartSoc at the start and end for allowing the event to be held there.
  7. Tell attendees where the campus map is (notice board) and toilets (ladies on south, gents on north) and no smoking anywhere.

3. After The Event Checklist

3.1. After – On The Same Day (Wrap Up or Bump Out)

  1. Ask guests to tidy up and place rubbish in bins, this will make cleaning up easier and faster.
  2. Replace all furniture
  3. Remove all signage inside and outside
  4. Remove all rubbish
  5. Wipe down all surfaces and clean/sweep mop floor
  6. Any open/fresh/cooked food remaining must be removed or thrown out unless agreed prior, we do not want your leftovers.
  7. Any unopened packages and bottles (e.g. beers, side, wine) may be left as a donation to members for future events. If you don’t want to donate it take it with you. We are not in the business of storing your stuff, if you pay for a storage cabinet you may use it.
  8. If stuff remains to be collected (e.g. sponsors signage, large plastic ice/drink bins) then they must be left clean and out of the way and agreed this with venue or removed on the day.

3.2. After – Next Day Follow Up

  1. Email attendees and mention the event and provide a link to The Start Society website
  2. Provide email list of attendees including email addresses
  3. Provide feedback and complete the organiser’s checklist exceptions (there should be none but if there are expect a cost or impact on future events being disallowed).
  4. Request improvements via the contact us page
  5. Lost property is normally in the Lost Property cabinet (you need to place it there and tell event attendees).

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