Other Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

Non Standard Service Fees

The Start Society exists to offer exceptional value assistance to entrepreneurs. We do this by standardising community led/run products so the community helps itself and we all benefit from this leveraging effect.

Exceptions cost time and money. People who don’t contribute to the community through supportive behaviour usually end up costing the community time and money.

We are not in the business of offering commercial grade or bespoke services. We are here to help entrepreneurs help themselves.

Our normal approach is very casual and laissez-faire (relaxed) however, if your use of our product/s is consistently an exception or consistently negatively impacts our goals you will be charged a penalty and/or asked to leave.

StartSoc recovers other costs associated with non-standard service provision, most of these can be avoided by simply taking care (.e.g don’t lose your keys) and using self service channels where possible (e.g. read the online faqs pages and read and contribute to the email discussion forums and chat forums).

  1. Access Key Cards (or swipe pass) first one is included on a loan basis only. The lost card replacement fee is $50 per card plus actual key cost from the security company (which varies from $0 to $30 depending on the situation).
  2. Locker keys first one is included on a loan basis only. The replacement fee for a lost key is $50 per key plus the actual locksmiths fee (which varies from $0 to $20 depending on what type of key is used and if we have any spares in stock for that type/combination).
  3. In exceptional cases we reserve the right to charge an excess administration fee (as a guide this will be at least $100/hr) for non-standard services –
    e.g (this is not an exhaustive list) –

    1. If you don’t hand in access cards or hand in some of them or don’t notify us of team member changes such as change of company name or person name and we have to spend more than the usual 15-20 mins processing new membership administration.
    2. If you don’t read your statement and don’t pay your invoices and ask questions we have already provided information to you about (such as regular monthly statements or the online self-service forums).
    3. If you don’t keep your account in order (30+ days paid in advance) and we auto-cancel your access and then you decide to stay after all by paying your bills late.
    4. You decide to change your membership plan more than once every 3 months.
    5. You provide unclear requests or we have to deal with multiple people in your team or your provide inconsistent requests

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