Membership Pricing

Note:  We are only accepting eMemberships at the moment due to the temporary closure of our main coworking space (Q1 2016) due to redevelopment of the entire office block.

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Founders & Teams

Curated coworking community for professional tech startups. Awesome Community. Connections.  Monthly Flexibility.  Office as a Service.

Membership Plans

  • eMember $99/year – community insight forum; chat; events; preferential deals
  • Ultralight $99/quarter – shared city office space and awesome community
  • Light $99/month – our most popular plan for connecting into the industry
  • Casual $297/month – our most popular part time founder/entrepreneur plan
  • Permanent $396/month – our most popular ‘all-in’ entrepreneur plan also open to selected ecosystem enablers

Special discounts for university students too.

Your Next Top Three Reasons

Membership Plan Details

Light or Ultralight Membership

Great when you only visit the city every now and then.  All the features above plus –

  • Typical use is 3 full days per month (for Light)  3 full days per quarter (for Ultralight)
  • Desk and chair are yours for duration of each visit
  • Limit of 1 full day or two half days per week
  • Ideal for regional startups and angel investor
  • Also suitable for affiliate coworking spaces with <5 (ultralight) and < 10 (light) members located 1-2 hours or more from the city who wish to get city scale and connections.
  • Read more on Light Memberships or Coworking Affiliate Spaces

Great for individuals & teams.  All the features above plus –

  • 30 full days per month
  • Desk and chair are yours 24/7
  • Under desk three draw lockable steel pedestal

Corporate Membership

Great for corporate ‘intrapreneurs’ and small teams.  Especially well suited to small groups needing think + collaborate time away from their usual office or wanting to support and engage proactively with the tech startup ecosystem. All features from ‘casual’ above plus –

  • Immerse yourself in the innovative entrepreneur community to foster creativity and develop connections.
  • Also useful for transitioning professionals moving between innovation projects needing refresh time to ‘clear your head of corporate thinking’
  • Generous intraday guest access for small teams needing new spaces for ideation/collaboration
  • Transferable (up to three pre-nominated named members get access). Subject to ‘appropriate use’ test (professionals, innovation/tech).
  • Preferential access to larger desks and wifi channel

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