Tech Startup Entrepreneurs Need StartSoc Representation

Stop Compounding Inaction

Year after year the small business segment creates the most jobs yet gets little organised representation and hence little careful consideration by influencers – that is by most levels of government and most corporates (other than as customers).

Understand Technology

Throw in tech complexity and the issue is the amplified as technology business owners are just as or even more busy and hence even more time poor and even less understanding because most influencers have a lower, low or no understanding. Fortunately peer learning in a curated community can accelerate understanding even for entirely new industry sub-sectors.

Focus on the Most Leveraged Area

Narrow it further and focus on disruptive tech startups aiming for a global market using internet and mobile software or hardware hybrids and the chasm is even wider. Fortunately the upside is also larger.

So lets be clear on who StartSoc represents

We are not helping generic SMEs or franchisees or even generic IT or ICT companies. They are all important but their context is typically not global and not changing at the incredible rate being experiences in the disruptive innovation area best characterised by ‘global-from-the-start internet only’ startups.

Stop The Confusion

We need to focus on the tech startups entrepreneurs first.

To compound the issue, the wider tech startup ecosystem expresses also their voice (everyone has an opinion) so the influencers get confused by other well meaning parties that are not entrepreneurs but do have a stake in the industry. For example investors (large and small), educators (universities and commercial especially) and lobbyists (particularly those funded/steered often behind the scenes by large international corporates also known as MNCs but including the new multi-national startups or MNS category). We need to recognise these groups can and do help but also often have unaligned interests so context is critical.

We need to focus on the tech startups entrepreneurs first and then the ecosystem that nurtures and accelerates them.

Be Part of The Solution

So StartSoc aims to unite these voices with simple clear cut values and principles by using simple tools and techniques for community, communication, insight, lobbying, voting and more to cut through the noise.

The entrepreneur’s voice is key, without them the ecosystem will not exist but the enablers in the ecosystem (money, knowledge, tools and more) are also part of the full lifecycle picture.

So Is StartSoc An Industry Body?

Yes. We are hear to help first and if that includes representation then we do that too. We are not a union (our entrepreneur members do not usually work for others).

You can think of StartSoc as something like a modern guild, representing self-employed professionals with lots of skills in common. Instead of just say being silver smiths, we are peer learning and applying the skills required to succeed globally on the internet.