Notes On Reciprocity: Help StartSoc Help You

The Start Society exists to help entrepreneurs and help build their tech startup ecosystem.

You can help us help you by being practical and prepared and demonstrating proactive reciprocity.

Return The Favour

We like to encouraging tech startups to join StartSoc so we can then help founders start and grow their startup by connecting, inspiring, supporting and learning.

For example, if you want us to promote your product, services or event or host your event please make sure first and foremost that it is directly relevant to the tech startup community and ideally world class and there is something unique in it for our members such as –

  • First and foremost we want to be recognised as a significant partner clearly listing our logo with the image linked back to our home page plus a mention of contact details and hashtag
  • A special deal that is ideally enduring and we can list on our deals page for members
  • For events held in our space/s we expect to know about it first (or amongst the first) and well in advance, we expect our members to hear about it first too, we expect to get a list of all attendees (not just our members) and we expect to get basic costs covered (including you covering any risks, catering etc) and a small upside (usually in the form of a fee but we are open to suggestions) plus strict adherence to our event organisers check list
  • If you event is run by or sponsored by government or a corporate (particularly large multi-nationals) we expect you to keep some perspective, we are volunteer run and exist to support entrepreneurs (not billion dollar enterprises), so expect to pay a nominal fee and to be responsible for insurance, logistics and catering. In exchange our community is very supportive and you will get a notable innovation boost.
  • For events held elsewhere we expect to get early access and a meaningful discount, usually at least as good if not better than similar large, quality, curated, expert influencer communities. We also expect visibility on statistics and access to media (photos, videos to share with members if educational or otherwise beneficial).
  • For speakers we want to learn and gain quality national and international connections, insights and advocates — not just hear your product push.
  • For pitching we expect you to have practiced and booked an event in advance
  • If you really want us to go the extra mile then make your offer to us – free/cheap – and/or -exclusive (e.g. private members time with rockstar experts)  – and/or – offer best in class discounts – and/or – unique bonus features. Be creative, it doesn’t need to cost you as long as it helps us. Can you get us an ‘un-gettable get’ with a subject matter expert perhaps?
  • It is nice to also provide a tracking code and share even a small amount of revenue to help us improve our membership benefits and support our volunteers.
  • Save us time by thinking about this stuff first and writing what you want us to tweet / share and having our logo already up on your site and in PDFs.
  • Things we can do to help (this is not an offer nor is it an exhaustive list) are mainly around sharing with members (we don’t typically do endorsements or exclusivity) including in blog, newsletter, tweet, facebook, flipboard, internal members forum, internal members chat, add to sponsors (large deals only) or add to media releases (sponsors only).

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