Welcome to The Spoken Start Podcast by StartSoc

It doesn’t get more real than this in Startup Land

Real Startups, Real Insight, Real Mentoring, Real Conversation, Real Connection

We thought it was time the tech startup ecosystem had a new, more scalable way of getting fresh news and quality peer learning insight.

Our ecosystem is getting so large so fast and it is hard to get started and even harder to keep up. The Start Society podcast SpokenStart is here to help.

Here is what we do…

  • Inside stories from real startups in regular podcast form
  • We mix it up from founder updates (e.g. after a fund raise, a merger or acquisition) to mentoring sessions and unpacking news and strategy review sessions.
  • Real news and real mentoring sessions from industry leaders
  • 100% transparency, either the whole session goes to air or NONE of it does
  • No editing
  • Real people, real stories, real peer learning, first hand insight.

So, this is not just the spoken word, think of a hub and spoke connecting you to the knowledge, resources and people you need to start and grow.

Why are we doing it?

  • Scale up: Here at the start society we are constantly trying to find more ways to help more people more often get their tech startup to be successful globally.
  • Quality: We are already mentoring and some of our mentors have been doing so for years.
  • Importance: Most research we have seen shows founders undervalue mentoring in the first startup but after that mentoring moves up (from top ten to top five perceived needs).
  • Peer learning and upward spirals: Mentoring is not a one way street, especially they way we do it, more people hear about it and this creates a positive spiral, more people here and talk about your startup and why you are successful and learn and share and more people hear.

Most podcasts are broadcast live (and recorded for later) but some are held up for a few weeks or so for reasons of commercial sensitivity. Either way you will be one of the FIRST to hear about it FIRST hand.

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