Team Rooms

Sometimes larger teams need their own space.

Our main focus is helping tech startup founders and peer learning is a bit part of success.

As our specialist community gets bigger we all help each other more in smarter ways build our own potentially global tech enabled businesses.

So we encourage people to sit shoulder to shoulder in true coworking style in zones suited to the task at hand. Eg meetings, private solo work, open collaborative.

But as your team gets larger from 5-500 people your needs change.

Being close to an open innovation community is still very important but you need your own space.

So iCentral has been developing team rooms ideal for groups of 10-20 at a time. Maybe that is your whole team or just one department.

Team Rooms are

  • Separate lockable areas but
  • still part of the community with
  • access to all the usual features
  • Some customisation of access control and storage available
  • Physically separate aircon
  • Suitably separated for noise purposes so you can let loose with laughter and talks and music

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