Terms & Conditions

Executive Summary

If in doubt, ask.

Be nice.

Get shit done.

No strangers. Introduce yourself.

Collaborate. Share. Be humble and learn.

Aim for world’s best.

Keep it simple.

Pay It Forward

Treat all our community of people and shared places as you would your own friends and home … if not better.

If our products and services help you and your business please tell your best and most talented friends and colleagues we want the best and brightest in our community.

Give, give and give so more. You will be amazing how much will come back to you, share knowledge and tips and contacts and people will do the same when you need it. Share the good times and the bad so we can all connect, learn, grow, survive and thrive.


In addition to the terms and conditions on this site http://thestartsociety.com across all pages these are the terms and conditions of membership of The Start Society and use of all our products and services including our coworking space/s commonly referred to as iCentral or iCentral.Co

Consequences of not following these terms are usually termination of membership and possibly a fine or fee or in severe cases may include legal action.


We will not disclosure private details with the exception of email and name and sometimes phone number and company name if it relates to a specific event or service you have expressed interest in attending or using and then only to a specific partner or partners related to providing that event or service.


The Start Society aims to be a safe place for all. Members are considered equal. We exist to facilitate members supporting each other. We will not tolerate negative or abusive behaviour or discrimination on the grounds of race or gender or politics or sexual orientation. These are grounds for immediate termination of membership.

Non Compete

You will not use information about our products and services or those of our members to compete directly or indirectly without express permission via email from a Director of the company or companies.

Bias To Action

Please remember most ideas are not unique and they are worthless without execution.

We are here to get things done and help people who get things done – so don’t waste people’s time if they are on a mission.

The Space

Please don’t rearrange furniture or pot plants or equipment unless you are given express permission by staff members.

No use of pens or markers especially permanent markets except for white board markers on whiteboards and glass windows.

Please be professional about making minimal noise in a shared space. Move to a room or a sound reducing meeting space for conversations and calls. Leave your phone on silent/vibrate please. Disruptions are easy to cause and the cost is often many times higher than it appears especially for high concentration tasks like software development. There are additional noise zones and terms here.

Lunch and other meals are encouraged especially sharing so we talk and learn more from each other. However please clean up after yourself. This is not a luxury space, we have minor cleaning services, the rest we have to do ourselves, that is why the price is so good. If you can’t wash up or clean up or keep smells under control you will have you membership terminated. Simple really.

Lots Of Other Important Terms To Help You Fit In and Maximise The Benefits

  1. Members are expected to pay it forward eg help your fellow community members with product feedback or a useful contact over free coffee/tea or byo/paid lunch at a nearby cafe, restaurant or food hall.
  2. We reserve the right to terminate your membership at any time, e.g. for inappropriate behaviour by your or your team members. Our team has the final say in this decision. Normal pro-rata refunds will apply only if we arbitrarily decide to terminate. No refunds apply if you have breached these terms or there are likely to be addition costs borne by us or other members associated with your termination e.g. you have damaged equipment.
  3. You may terminate your membership at any time, prepayments are not refunded. We request 4 weeks notice in order to make sure other members of the community can maximise the opportunity for new members to join.
  4. Terminations are almost always effective immediately.
  5. Price increases after 12 months are capped for normal (non-discounted) members at no more than 20% per annum (usually, depends on special offers) unless members or senior management vote otherwise.
  6. Prices are in USD unless otherwise stated
  7. Fees apply if you do not use our preferred electronic payment method/s or pay late or incorrectly. Fees may also apply if your use of the space is excessive or inconsiderate e.g. not maintaining a tidy/clean desk/locker/events etc
  8. Prices are all subject to additional annual adjustment for raw inflation and raw members cost e.g. inflation ranges at 6-8% in Myanmar in recent years.
  9. Normal prepayment limit is 6 months, pre payments of up to 12 months will be accepted subject to discount discussion and negotiation.

10. More membership and billing terms here

11. More information on payments

12. Illegal activities are forbidden and will result in termination of membership with no refund and you indemnify The Start Society and all its agents for any and all legal costs and reputation/physical damage.