Welcome to StartSoc

On-boarding Process for New Members of The Start Society

Welcome to StartSoc, this page will take you through the joining process.

  1. Select a membership pricing plan there are plenty of flexible options. Time: 2-3 mins. 
  2. Complete ONE business application form.  This form covers one business and the minimal info on one primary contact. Time: 2-3 mins. 
  3. Complete EACH individual registration form.  Fill this out for each person in your team (now and when new people start). Time: 3-5 mins.

    We will email you an invoice after we confirm your details.

  4. Pay your membership fees. Email reply with your bank payment receipt or just wait for bank funds to clear. Please contact us to collect your access card key.

    Everything from here on is optional but will really help you get more from StartSoc.

  5. Follow us on social media to stay connected. This is important to stay in touch with normal and lower priority news (we avoid spam).
  6. Browse the discussion forums. If you don’t have access yet then ask. Make sure the discussion forum email is not going to your spam folder (this is important).
  7. Join the instant chat group on slack, if you don’t have access yet ask. Make sure to join hashtag topics of interest it is one of our main forms of rapid short form communication. There are also huge Facebook / Meetup micro communities.
  8. Diarise to attend a few events to learn and connect to fellow members. We encourage people to connect face to face and then continue the conversation online.
  9. Browse the new member deals to find thousands of dollars in discounts, skills, tools and other resources. Start with $15,000 free credits from AWS for cloud hosting!

    Here on is really optional but will help make you a better StartSoc member.

  10. Learn about coworking zones so you know best place to collaborate, meet and solo work to maximise productivity for yourself and other members.
  11. Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to cover off any other points.
  12. Help us help you by giving us a good review on any of the major channels you use like Google maps, Facebook etc

Within days you will be peer learning, starting to get hyper connected and contributing to developing the best entrepreneur community around!

So finally… Welcome aboard the good ship StartSoc!

We really are delighted you are joining one of the great tech startup ecosystems in the whole world. It really can be like a family, maybe even better, if you make the effort.

Now lets make it even better!

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