ZHACK 2015 – The Zombie Hackathon

Feel like assembling a new tech startup from some spare parts you have lying around the laboratory?

Frankenstein style startups are all the rage. We are aiming to create 20 new mobile and internet products/startups in just 2 to 3 days

Market conditions change, devices get new sensors, new technologies enable business models that would not have worked just months or years ago.

Another opportunity is a result of the classic tech/hacker founder error of building too much tech. Sometimes narrower more targeted products get traction better.

StartSoc is running ZHACK 2015 at iCentralCo

A weekend hackathon to mash together great work with a focus on mobile and internet global products for fun, profit or social impact.

Help us pick a date, the obvious one is halloween but not everyone is available on all weekends so put a comment in the bottom of this page.


Entire event will be held at iCentralCo by The Start Society right near Sydney Town Hall station 234 Sussex St.


Kick off friday night with body parts pitching, haul out your old works of art from github and bitbucket and share a short (say 1-2 minute) pitch with the crowd of stuff you have built that they might be able to use.

Beer and Pizza of course, sponsors plus put your hand up now.

Team formation around ideas/body/code snippets/parts/ideaas.


Saturday from 10am we will continue in teams feel free to roam around teams and steal ideas and strike deals to trade and swap.

Sat late afternoon checkpoint on progress.


Sun 10am restart, we will probably get the BBQ out and feed people…

Sun 3pm pitch final product.

Sound like a plan?


Possible dates – please pick one or two and mention in comments.

November 2015 Wekend to be selected. Please contact us with your preferred dates.

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